Right after Marissa Mayer was named as Yahoo’s CEO, the company has made major upgrades on its services.

One, is the major overhaul that they made on the Yahoo! Mail. It’s a cleaner and more minimalist change that loads emails faster. Yahoo! maintained the violet and white theme on their email provider though.

Three Action options are available for the web mail; Slim, Regular, and Relaxed. The three options work like font sizes, making the changes adapt to your preference.

Another update that Yahoo! has made is on their iOS version of Flickr, their photosharing website that has been around for quite some time. With the emergence of new competition, the site have become silent over the past few years, and although Yahoo! have managed to make a mobile version of it there are still a lot of competition in the industry today.

They have also updated their web version of Flickr, making both interfaces new and refreshing. Yahoo! and Mayer received a lot of positive comments from the virtual world. Some of them are praising her because it seems that she perfectly understands the importance of mobile, and updates and changed are necessary.

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Latest Technology News

In the latest technology news, tech giant Apple is said to be testing out Apple TV set. This is going to be another step for Apple to make, but not an impossible one.

Latest Technology News: The New Apple TV Set

According to the rumors, the company is still on a series of stage trials including planning the design, and setting with different suppliers.

The company still has a long way to go. Apple would not just want to make a TV set that looks the same as the most common designs. We’ve seen touch screen TV sets, internet TV’s, flat screens, LED’s, etc. We can just all have speculations of what the Apple TV set could really be.

Although the company has always kept silent every time a new rumor arises, they just generally surprise us that the rumors are true and release the products even before we anticipate them. So, might be as well prepared and get your pockets ready. Anytime soon they might release it, and we can all go on a shopping spree of Apple products. Again.

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Following the latest technology news released on CNET’s main site, the tech reviewer giant have also released a list of 5 most influential tech products of 2012.

After years of waiting, Microsoft has released their latest operating system for PC. The Windows 8, currently the company’s most valuable product as of date, claims the number 1 spot. And it could be a shaker in the industry according to CNET’s reviewers. Although there are debates and negative comments about the Windows 8, Microsoft has made a heck of a marketing campaign for this operating system.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is not just the best tech product for the year 2012, it is also one of the most influential tech products of the year. Needless to say, taking the top spot from the iPhone is not an easy feat. It is, by all means, the greatest achievement that any smart phone could get. It is surprisingly the best alternative for an iPhone that is less expensive.

Microsoft has also entered the tablet race, and this time their flagship brings a lot of promising things for the company. The Microsoft Surface runs on the mobile version of Windows 8. Mind you there are some tough competition that Microsoft will get from Apple and Google. But no one is stopping them.

The Nexus 7 also made this list sitting at the number 4 spot. The Nexus flagship on the mini tablet race is all about efficiency in price. At $199, one will enjoy access to most apps and features available from Android.

The last spot is taken neither by a smart phone nor a tablet but to an innovative 3D printer, the MakerBot 3D Replicator. This is by far the “first truly commercial home 3D printer” according to the reviewers. And the price is within anyone’s reach at $2,000. Anyone can play around with this printer and come up with clever designs.

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In the latest technology news, 7 of CNET’s most senior editors have gathered to finally end the argument and settle which tech gadgets have been most influential in the industry. Although they might have settled on again another debatable conclusion, this is how the gadgets fair to them:

The 5 best tech products of the year

The Samsung Galaxy S3, dubbed as the Android Hero, has taken the top spot from long time leader iPhone. It was purposely made for one mission, kill the iPhone. The Galaxy S3 is one of the breakthroughs that happened to the industry in quite some time. And with the latest Premium Suite Upgrades that they have released Galaxy users will have more reasons to enjoy their phones.

After years of dominance, Apple has finally been knocked off from its throne. But sitting at number 2 is still a dominant place. The iPhone 5 is one of the most anticipated smart phones of 2012. The hardware changes that it has are not simply upgrades, but a bit of evolution. They might have fallen short when their most talked about app failed to deliver. Their native mapping system, that was said to change the whole face of the competition, was removed days after the iPhone 5’s release due to different complains from their consumers.

The Google Nexus 7 comes in at 3rd. With a little over a month after its release users of the Nexus 7 find the tablet as one of the best 7-inch tablet around. With an easy to use interface, even beginners would not have a hard time navigating the Nexus 7. And oh, did I mention that it went sold out not days, but merely hours, on its first day?

There has been one great flaw on Apple’s iPads, and the company was at first hesitant to address it – it’s not too portable for its size. The iPad Mini was the answer to that. Although it may not be as packed with the regular iPad users of the mini find it hard to put down. The iPad Mini might be playing catch up to the already established competition, but Apple has proven to make things happen time and time again.

The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx was released way back in January 2012, and for a smart phone to reach the top 5 of this year’s list might be surprising. But the main reason that the Droid Razr Maxx was picked was because of the surprising benchmark results for its battery life. This is the ideal smart phone if your main concern would be the battery. Still using Android mobile OS, this phone is not a simple push over but one of the best phones in the market.

Still more to come one the second part of this news.

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Google Gadgets

The Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung’s flagship in the smart phone race, has been doing incredibly good as of late. But when most of us thought that there was nothing more that the Galaxy S3 could offer, Samsung released a series of Premium upgrades that will let Galaxy S3 users to enjoy their phones even better.

The Premium Suite Upgrade For Google Gadgets

The Premium Suite Upgrade for the Samsung Google Gadgets includes a series of upgrades for Multimedia and improved accessibility.

The Paper Artist upgrade allows you to edit your photos not just by changing the shades background hues, and other simple editing that you can do on Instagram. It lets you change the mood of your photos just like a pop artist.

The Low Light Shot, as the name implies, lets you take photos in dark places without the need of flash.

Most of us would find it hard to take a group picture, let alone to be with the group and after the shot someone blinked and you will have to do it again. With the Best Face upgrade, you can literally choose the best faces and put it on one photo.

Easy accessibility options are also included on the Premium Suite Upgrade For Google Gadgets

The Easy Mode fits for all first time smart phone users who need a nice and easy transition from mobile to smart phones. It sets up the frequently used widgets on the home screen to help the navigation easier.

There are other upgrades that this suite includes. It will be reviewed on the next article.

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Just yesterday, a lot of us have been getting news feeds from Facebook friends that lets us see the best moments that they have had during the year 2012. It comes with a small collage of four pictures and the year “2012” in the middle of it after sharing the post on your news feed.

Generally, it chronicles all the major highlights that happened to you during this year. So, if you are someone who was not too shy to share your biggest accomplishments, biggest events, or random things that you did not expect to go virally among your friends you might find these things on your Year In Review.

It’s a nice feature to have on Facebook, and we find it fun. This is an easier way for us to look back what we did on Facebook without the endless scrolls on our page.

You will get your own Year In Review by simply following this link Facebook.com/yearinreview. The same feature can be found on Twitter.

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Apps For Smart Phones

Despite of all the snobs, lawsuits, and the heated competition between Apple and Google, Apple’s iOS 6 will finally have a decent native mapping system thanks to Google Maps.

Google Maps Apps For Smart Phones Now Available For IOS

Just today, Google has finally released these apps for smart phones. And as expected, it shot straight to being number one on the Apple App Store during the first night of its availability.

It is quite surprising, however, that Apple is not featuring the Google Maps on its Featured section. But nevertheless, iPhone users will now rejoice to have the best mapping system there is. Apple, will have its chance to redeem itself once they release their own maps. But for the meantime, Google will be taking the limelight.

The Apps For Smart Phones Is Not As Packed As Android Version

This version of the Google Maps is not as packed as the ones that we can find on Google Gadgets, and that’s not a shocker. For one, this version does not have a biking direction. It also does not have an offline version although the directions are cached on the phone once you have searched for it. Indoor maps are not available as well.

The features and functions that are found on the current Google Maps for iOS is enough for users to play around with it, and once the need for updates arise Google will have them ready by then.

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