Apps For Smart Phones: Microsoft Apps Store Has More Activity Compared To Apple

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Apps For Smart Phones

Microsoft made a strong statement following their series of announcements of new gadgets that we should look forward to; that their App Store would have more apps compared to other platforms. Not that it is a secret, but we all know Microsoft is referring to the Big 2 in the business, Apple’s and Android’s App Stores.

Apps For Smart Phones: Microsoft Apps Gain Little Revenue

But in a surprising news, Microsoft apparently delivered. Within its first month, the Microsoft App Store managed to crack 20,000 downloaded apps. Not only that, the volume of the app store’s daily download has been doing a lot of activities 3 times higher than that of Apple’s App Store.

But when the numbers are revealed, it showed that in spite of this Microsoft only earns less compared to Apple. The main factor is majority of their apps are available for free as compared to Apple and Android apps.

It might take some time for Microsoft to climb the ladder. And it might be a good move to have most of their apps free and gradually transition to selling apps.

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