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Google is the leading search engine in the world. It is the dream of any computer engineer to work with this excellent company that has redefined the way in which we see and use the web. We all are an important part of this Google ecosystem where we have almost all the important web services and areas where the company has established its presence.

Google has become synonymous with the search these days. The company support a variety of new ideas and thoughts that makes the searching on the web a whole new experience. The company is always striving for the excellence and always apply innovative new ideas that make the searching better and to the point.

Because of these reasons, the Google has become the popular web search engine of the world and I must admit that I am a great fan of this company. I simply love its clean and easy to use interface. The Google doodle is another feature that I admire the most.

Now let’s get back to our searching. Google has implemented several built in search tools that help the user to get to the result that they want in the best possible way. There are a number of options that are available in the left side pane which will help you in narrowing down your search results. I will be explaining you how to utilize the various search options that are offered by the Google.

Suppose we want to search for the “Car Insurance App” on the search engine for any mobile or other platform. When you type in the term “Car Insurance App” then you will be getting the results across all the domains. The following screenshot will demonstrate the same.

car insurance app

In this screen there are three main areas that are marked up. The Section 1 will show you results across all the domains which is specified in the “Everything” option on the left hand side area. On the right hand side (Section 2) will display the general as well as sponsored ads that are related to the search query (Car Insurance App). From the screen shot we can easily make out that the results displayed here doesn’t serve our purpose. In order to narrow down the search results we have various options that are displayed on the left hand side (Section 3).

Thus the following screenshot will explain you this.

applications in google

This time I have clicked on the “Applications” which will restrict the search results to the applications across various mobile and computer platforms only. There are so many options that are implemented in the searching so that we can get the exact results everytime.

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