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Google Chrome is one of the leading browsers coming from Google.  One cool feature from this browser is to download and install apps. Google chrome gadgets are small XML, JavaScript, and HTML. You can find a lot of these free and premium Google gadgets online in the chrome web store. These gadgets are flexible and can work on any web platforms. If you want to create your very own gadget or application, it can be easy.  This is made possible by Google’s gadget application program interface or API. The only thing you’ll need is an experience in coding HTML and XML.

But even if you don’t have the coding experience needed to make your very own Google gadgets, you can still enjoy them. There are a lot of Google chrome gadgets if you just browse the chrome store. From productivity tools, to simple applications that you can use for work or for school, you’ll be sure to find one that you like. For those who are looking for tools to make their work better, there’s a ton of productivity applications or gadgets that you can download and the list is growing in numbers each day.

These nifty features by Google chrome makes the chrome browser the best one out there today. Although there are other browsers that came long before the chrome browser was out, chrome’s innovative use of Google chrome gadgets makes it more popular and more favoured by most internet browsers. If you still don’t know how to get your own Google gadgets, all you need to do is to open a new tab and click on the apps button on the bottom of the page. This page would show you which apps you have installed for chrome. One app is installed by default and that is the chrome web store. Similar to apple’s app store and android’s market or Google play, it lists categories of apps available for download. It also helps you out by giving you a list of the most popular downloads and trending downloads.

If you haven’t explored the myriad of apps in the chrome web store, it’s high time that you do it now. There are a lot of apps and gadgets that can make for a fresher and better browsing experience. From productivity applications, to instant messengers, you are sure to find the right gadget that would make your chrome browser a unique web browsing experience.

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