Nokia and Google Report Developing Mapping Systems for IOS Devices

by Max

Apple’s iPhone 5 was among the most anticipated gadgets – highly celebrated, well advertised, and not surprisingly expensive. But among the glitches that would always surface for every new gadget in the market, Apple has ultimately failed us on the most anticipated feature of the iPhone; their very first native mapping system on 3D.

It was also the move that ended the remaining good ties between Apple and Google that has ultimately resulted to courtroom hearings and lawsuits.

But, when Apple can’t seem to find a quick fix to suppress the raging consumers the company was forced to seek help from their old friend.

A few weeks later, a new report says Google is not finalizing their mapping system for iOS devices. This just proves to show that even Apple still can’t match Google’s innovation on mapping systems.

Two days ago, Nokia also announced that they have been developing their own version of mapping profile for iOS devices – a bold move, but still worth the excitement. Microsoft is known to be one of the best software companies today, and they could just surprise us with this native mapping application on our iOS devices.

Time could only tell when we, iOS users, will finally get at least a decent mapping system. What’s a smart phone if it lacks some important features?

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