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For those of us who would like to get a good smart phone but are tight on their budgets, Verizon have the right one for you. HTC released what is currently dubbed as “the most awesome” Droid ever; the HTC Droid DNA.

The New Google Gadgets; HTC Droid DNA

As expected from HTC smart phones, the designs are extraordinarily exquisite. It does not look like an iPhone or a Galaxy S phone. It is sexier. HTC claimed to be inspired by the Lamborghini cars when they created the designs for the DNA. The black and red combination made it even more futuristic.

The two features that some might find disappointing are the lack of an SD card slot, and it does not have a removable battery.

But still, the HTC Droid DNA packs a quad-core processor, runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (could well be on its way to 4.2 though), 4G LTE, a 5 inch screen that is capable of 1080p and translates to 441 ppi, an insanely good camera, and a long battery life.

Using the LTE connection, the Droid DNA has a decent data download and transfer rate.

Get The Latest Google Gadgets From Verizon

At a starting price of $199.99 Verizon can make a lot of people happy because of the HTC Droid DNA. And you would only need to do two things to get this; pick up the phone, and dial Verizon’s number.

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