Yahoo! Major Updates

by Max

Right after Marissa Mayer was named as Yahoo’s CEO, the company has made major upgrades on its services.

One, is the major overhaul that they made on the Yahoo! Mail. It’s a cleaner and more minimalist change that loads emails faster. Yahoo! maintained the violet and white theme on their email provider though.

Three Action options are available for the web mail; Slim, Regular, and Relaxed. The three options work like font sizes, making the changes adapt to your preference.

Another update that Yahoo! has made is on their iOS version of Flickr, their photosharing website that has been around for quite some time. With the emergence of new competition, the site have become silent over the past few years, and although Yahoo! have managed to make a mobile version of it there are still a lot of competition in the industry today.

They have also updated their web version of Flickr, making both interfaces new and refreshing. Yahoo! and Mayer received a lot of positive comments from the virtual world. Some of them are praising her because it seems that she perfectly understands the importance of mobile, and updates and changed are necessary.

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